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Tradition obliges!

More than 85 years ago (since 1930), our company was founded as a retailer in Landau.

By this time we started to sell "automotive and industrial oils and greases" named tecoil® lubricants.
Since the construction of the central warehouse in 1974, we are in D-76879 Bornheim near Landau.

In 1983 was the foundation of the limited liability Company (Ltd.) by Thomas Barthel (Managing director), in order to build up a competence and sales center for automotive an industrials oils an greases.

In 1993, the original operational buildings have been expanded by an administrative building and a further warehouse. We now have a total area of more than 7,000 square meters, more than 2,100 sq m warehouse space (mostly high-bay, ~ 800 pallet places) and 600 sq m of office space.

Here the products are stored centrally and delivered to our customers in  Germany, Austria, Italy and France (Alsace) mostly by our own fleet. Because of our Supply-Chain-Managementthat, we are able to make our full range at any time available for you.

You can be assured that we take our role in the market seriously. Especially trough our independent role with successful wholsale structures, independent suppliers and brands, we will make every effort to steadily meet your demand and requirements on us as a competence and distribution enter for special lubricants.

To reassure an excellent service our technical sales team is trained internally and externally, constantly, to stay continuosly informed about high-technical products and their stage of development. Our sales team is therefore able to assist you with any kind of technical questions and problems.

Furthermore, we can provide you with an extensive product research and wide range of technical support through our exclusive partners an suppliers.

From the laboratory service, analysis technique and application by the engineers, to the production of even customer-specific products (private label brand), you have a large team of practitioners and professionals available.

We cannot promise that we never make mistakes, but we will do everything to make a beneficial and completely satisfactory partnership for you.

Your - GEORGE  tecoil®– Team

Professional in lubrication, maintenance, support and service.
internationally registered trademarks of lubricants.





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